pytest-easy-server - Pytest plugin for easy testing against servers

The pytest-easy-server package is a Pytest plugin that provides a Pytest fixture fixture es_server() that resolves to the set of servers the tests should run against.

The set of servers is defined in a server file (aka “easy-server file”) and the secrets to access the servers are defined in a vault file that is referenced by the server file, in the formats defined by the easy-server package.

The files to use and the server or group nickname to select for the test, as well as a schema file for validating the user-defined structure of certain properties in the server and vault files, can be specified in pytest options added by the plugin:

                        Path name of the easy-server file to be used.
                        Default: es_server.yml in current directory.

                        Nickname of the server or server group to test against.
                        Default: The default from the server file.

                        Path name of the schema file to be used for validating the structure of
                        user-defined properties in the easy-server server and vault files.
                        Default: No validation.

--es-encrypted          Require that the vault file (if specified) is encrypted and error out otherwise.
                        Default: Tolerate unencrypted vault file.